Our Services

Specialized legal firm in: Regional planning law, environmental law, energy law and real estate law.
Representation in Administrative Courts – The Council of State – and civil Courts, including the Supreme Court, with focus on:

  • Α. Construction and urban planning law: Land uses, Building Code, implementation of building permits, illegal constructions, coastlines, seashore lines, streams.
  • B. Real estate: Establishment of developers, shareholders’ agreements, and support during operation (boards of directors and general meetings), negotiation and conclusion of the entire range of contracts for development of real estate, such as purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, construction works agreements, supply agreements, exclusive agency agreements, service agreements and financing agreements (loan and bond loan agreements)
  • C. Urban Planning: Tourist and industrial facilities, infrastructure projects, projects of cultural interest (landmark buildings, and landmark areas, monuments, and interventions), Special Urban Plan, Local Urban Plan, General Urban Plan, Implementation Acts
  • D. Regional Planning: Special and regional spatial frameworks, maritime spatial frameworks.
  • Ε. Environment: Εnvironmental permitting, Natura 2000 biodiversity, forests and woodlands, waste management projects, urban wastewater.
  • F. Energy: Wind power plants and photovoltaic parks, onshore and offshore wind farms, onshore and offshore photovoltaic parks, hydroelectric projects, pumped storage projects, and hybrid projects.

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